Course Gilding Wood

This course teaches you the basic techniques of water gilding. It takes place within the ongoing restoration course. During the twelve hours required to put into practice the teachings you will transform any wooden object (frame, sculpture, candle holders box or whatever) by following the simple steps of this technique: the preparation of rabbit skin glue, the undercoating with traditional Gesso (Gilder’s Whiting), sanding and application of the Burnishing Clay, the gilding with genuine gold leaf or imitation, burnishing with Agate stone, ageing and finishing. Water gilding is one of the ancient techniques which has remained unchanged over time, because of the high quality of the results that can be achieved. Aside from being able to be burnished to give it the appearance of solid gold, or left dull at times to add a dimension of greater depth and shadows, it can be punched with different motives or even scratched with engravings without the thin leaf being torn. Obviously you will need a lot of practice, but you will get amazing results even after attending the first course.

  • Posted on September 3, 2013 - 5:03 pm

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