• Art of Restoration

    Discover the secrets of Restoration and traditional gilding with Master Restorer Luigi Maria Villani and Bibiana Bettinotti. Find the course that's most suitable for you!

Practical Courses for Restoration of Antique Furniture Gilding and Traditional Finishes During the course Master Restorer Luigi Maria Villani and Bibiana Bettinotti give personal assistance to the pupils and demonstrate how to carry out the most difficult techniques: structural repairs, reconstructions (inlaid, marquetry and carvings), restoration of decorative features, French polishing, Gilding and burnishing, touching up and whatever could be helpful to accomplish the work undertaken. Luigi and Bibiana manage to create a friendly and sharing atmosphere within the weekly sessions, giving the participants the opportunity to conduct restoration, gilding and finishing jobs outside the courses, going back to the classes at any time when they need to acquire additional methods and techniques. In addition you can benefit from our call out service Consultancy & Support
  • Course Gilding Wood

    This course teaches you the basic techniques of water gilding. It takes place within the ongoing restoration course. During the twelve hours required to put into practice the teachings you will transform any wooden object (frame, sculpture, candle holders box or whatever) by following the simple steps of this technique: the preparation of rabbit skin […]

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  • Traditional Finishes: Wax & French Polishing

    This course is designed for those who have a passion for working with wood and want to perfect their techniques of finishing and colouring. You can try with a new object or restore the finish of a piece of old damaged furniture . The knowledge of the timber essences and the infinite possibilities of finishing […]

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  • Restoration of Antique Furniture, Frames & Sculptures

    During this course you will be guided through the restoration of your own piece of furniture, frame or wooden artefact in need of repairs. Enrolment can be done at any time and no previous experience is required. There are two courses on Saturdays: morning sessions from 10am to 1pm and afternoons from 3 to 6pm […]

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How to participate in courses

Every month we propose a training course for restoration, which you can join by simply contacting Maestro Luigi Maria Villani through the contact page of the site or by calling the telephone number displayed.

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