City and Guilds of London Institute

Luigi Maria Villani gained his City and Guilds of London Institute’s Competence in Training and Development Trainer & Assessor Awards between 1991 and 1993. Having trained several apprentices and taught many evening and week-end classes while running his successful restoration business since 1986, Luigi now focuses on the teaching and promotion of his art using time-tested and established methods. In addition to the City and Guilds of London Institute’s Certificates, he also achieved the strict standards needed to become an accredited Member of The British Antique Furniture Restorer’s Association (BAFRA) in 1994. Since then he has participated in many courses in conservation, management and business, and lectured on several restoration projects.


Scottish Castles

Under the trading name Traditional Antique Restoration Luigi Maria Villani restored collections of antique furniture, picture frames, art objects and furnishings in many Scottish Historic Houses: Brodie Castle, Cawdor Castle, Balnagown Castle, Cluny Castle, Cullen House, Dalcross Castle, etc…

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Traditional Antique Restoration

In 1986 Luigi Maria Villani established his own company in the former Stables of Altyre Estate, where he also provided employment for local tradesmen and students he himself trained. During his time in Scotland he took part in many events to display his work and show the intricate techniques of Water Gilding.


Country Homes & Interiors

The article published in the Christmas / New Year 1992 edition of Country Homes & Interiors magazine. The article was then republished as integral part of a promotional leaflet supporting the launch of Luigi’s consultancy service.


Homes & Gardens

The article published on Homes & Gardens, within the section dedicated to the best conservators of antique items available in the UK at the time.


The XVI century Wooden Choir ASSISI

This project marked Luigi Maria Villani’s return to his own country in 1996: during this project he was able to work alongside the Master Restorer Roberto Saccuman which reintroduced him in the Italian market. The structure, all in solid walnut, rests on oak beams; the floor, almost completely rebuilt, is in elm.


Some of the works successfully accomplished in Rome from 1997 to date

Luigi Maria Villani began his work for the Church of Sant’Antonio dei Portoghesi in Rome in 1997 by restoring antique furniture and gilt frames. In 2005 he became responsible for the Restoration Workshop for the Conservation of Wooden and Decorative Works, teaching trainee workers the techniques of restoration, gilding and wood-finishing. Over the years he completed a large number of restoration projects on the 18th century church furnishings and ornaments: doors, Chapels’ access gates, gilt frames, candelabra, console tables, cornucopias, the high altar, the organ screen, the choir’s gilt-wood ceilings etc.. More recently he has been part of the team which restored the vaults, the apse, the capitals and the central nave.


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