Scottish Castles

Brodie Castle

There is a fine example of his painstaking work in Brodie Castle, where he carried out the restoration of a small but intricate gilded frame for the National Trust for Scotland. In this particular project he also used 24 Carat Gold powder to restore small areas where the original gilding had worn off.


Cawdor Castle

Among the many projects commissioned by Lord Hugh John Vaughan Campbell, 6th Earl of Cawdor, from Luigi Maria Villani, were the lacquered Regency bedroom suite, several antique tables and chairs, The Mannie (a life-size wooden sculpture of a Highlander), many gilded frames and a XVI century wooden fireplace.


Cluny Castle

The restoration of this inlaid marble table is a fine example of Luigi Maria Villani’s flair and ingenuity. Having encountered serious difficulties in finding appropriate marble to replace some of the missing parts, he went to Portsoy beach to collect some of the typical local green serpentine stone, known as Portsoy Marble, which he then cut and shaped to fit in the empty inlaid spaces.


Balnagown Castle

Following the consultancy work he carried out to advise on the conservation of the whole antique furniture collection of this historic palace, Luigi Maria Villani was asked to restore the most significant items from the collection, as well as several marble fire surrounds. He successfully completed this commission during the course of a full year with the help of a team of workers he had previously trained to his exacting standards.


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